Series: Time Machine Part V – “Olympic Hockey Gold-1980”

Posted on 02 Apr 2017, Pastor: Myke Crowder

Welcome to church and thank you so much for choosing to be here today. 

I will be wrapping up the “Time Machine” series today with a miracle story of the Olympic hockey team of 1980. As your pastor my greatest desire for each of you is for you to not waste your life. Doctors and scientists are constantly working on new medications to help prolong life. Today, I want to talk to you about adding life to your years.  

The 80’s were filled with paradoxes, that I will share with you but the greatest paradox of all was a sporting event – a miracle on ice! I want to show you through this historic event how the “coach” we listen to is critical in making our life count.  

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and our children will be having their annual Easter egg hunt immediately following the service. Please invite someone to come with you and bring their children for this fun event.  


Pastor Crowder