Series: Time Machine Part IV – “Nixon Resigns-1974”

Posted on 26 Mar 2017, Pastor: Myke Crowder

Good morning and welcome to church today. Thank you choosing to be here today.  

I hope you are enjoying our “Time Machine” series as much as I have enjoyed preparing and delivering it to you. Today I want to look at a period of time when America was in crisis; the 1970’s, it was a decade of crisis – the Iranian crisis, the energy crisis, the hostage crisis. In my opinion the most critical crisis we experienced was a crisis of integrity – the Watergate crisis.  

Integrity and honesty are such crucial components to every area of our lives and I want to show you in God’s word what He has to say about this critical issue. I am crushed when I hear about relationships that are destroyed because of the lack of integrity. I sincerely want to see God change hearts and minds through this message.  

I love you all so much,

Pastor Crowder