Welcome to CLC and thank you for being here today.

Have you ever noticed how bright the stars are on a really, really dark night?  How we can so clearly see the brilliance of the stars? A powerful truth is revealed here: “The darker the night, the more God reveals His light.”

Today in our series “Ditching Religion for Faith” we will be looking at “Firsthand Light”; many of us are going through a dark night right now, and God wants to shed His light of love into our lives. God’s first act in creation was to create light (Genesis 1:3) and His greatest act of love on the cross was to shatter our personal darkness. We all go through dark days, we all experience hurts and wounds, we all go through pain, problems and difficulties.

My prayer is that through this message we will allow the light of God’s love  reveal the hurts and wounds in our lives and we can allow his healing to penetrate our hearts.

I love you all so much,

Pastor Crowder