Good morning – thank you for being in church today.

Aren’t we living in crazy times? It seems like there is chaos and uncertainty all around. I have many people ask me if all this could mean we are getting closer to the return of Christ. I can’t answer that questions because no one knows when that event will happen but I can tell you what the Bible says we are to look for in the last days.

Many people are looking for the signs of his return, who will the antichrist be? What is Russia’s role in His return? Will there be a great revival before He returns? So many questions because we are all interested in knowing what to look for. I am going to share a 3 part series on what the Bible clearly states will happen within the church in the Last Days.

I’m excited to share these messages with you because my greatest desire as your pastor is to try to have you all informed on sound doctrine.

I love you,

Pastor Crowder